About us

Branto is a team of professionals who strive for a common goal.

Our team includes engineers, marketers and designers with strong management. Most of the Team has been with us from the start of our highly ambitious Branto project fours years ago. They were young university educated specialists and Branto was their first serious challenge.

We have been fortunate that they had a spirit and like-mindedness that turned out to be far more important than their inexperience. What they accomplished in the last four years has been truly amazing.

We found that everyone in team learns quickly and we appreciate that they do not understand the word "impossible". Technical problems that seem impossible are frequently solved by using unique and innovative ideas.

How is this? There are few restrictions. Members of our team are encouraged to try everything practical to solve a problem. Their contributions of creativity, imagination, and willingness has resulted in incredibly innovative solutions.

The result of our team's willingness to listen to unique ideas and experiment is the essence of Branto - the innovative smart home & security system.