A full panorama view

Capture awesome video of your party, directing the camera angle from your smartphone. Stay in touch with your entire family, viewing everyone and everything

  • Communicate with your family when you are away
  • Calm the anxious pet
  • See and hear your child in another room
  • Participate in business meetings remotely
  • Visit your parents often
  • Look after the house when you are traveling

Control Branto vision with Smartphone or Google Glass
wherever you are

For Google Glass users we added a new function of Branto control through devices of augmented reality: open up for yourself a unique opportunity of visual teleportation.

Thanks to Branto, you can be at “home” no matter where you are. You can be 10,000 miles away in a different continent, but you can still take part in an important meeting being held at your home. You can “visit” your parents or children although you are physically a day of airplane travel away from them.