Awesome sound system

Beats Music/SoundCloud
favorite music
Millions of people use SoundCloud
to listen to music and audio for free.
Wherever you are. Whatever you’re doing.
The SoundCloud lets you hear more.
You can use your smartphone with
Branto App to enjoy the music
you love all around your home.
Smartphone/Tablet PC control
LED equalizer
More than 70 000 books online
One of the world’s largest
collections of digital audiobooks
Various genres
Science fiction. Drama. Adventure.
Romance. Travel. Children's. Poetry.
Comics. Autobiographies. Fantasy.
Portable & take along
Best fairytales
Bedtime stories
Bedtime story to help your child
release tension of the day, relax
well and sleep much better.
Lighting in the dark
Branto will provide a slight lighting
in the room so that your kid is not
scared to be in the dark.