Branto solves these problems with:

24/7 videosurveillance
Secured perimeter
Instant notification

Additional features:

16 infrared LEDs,
high-sensitive/low-noise videomodule (OV290) from Sony
Motion for a specified route
(2-3 positions)
Automatically: in suspicious motion/sound detection,
or as desired by user
Up to 500 Mb
More than 60 countries (USA, Canada, Europe, Asia)
Less 30 dB
In the field of the Branto view (100 degrees)
24/7 (day/night)
Suspicious movement > Analysis > Instant notification/recording
Desk drawers
(distance up to 50 meters)
Saving the secured perimeter: from 3 to 8 hours.
Instant notification when power is off
16/32/64 Gb
memory upgrade